CBSE Class 12th Physics Practicals Tips with Video

CBSE Class 12th Physics Practicals Tips with Video

CBSE Class 12th Physics Practicals Tips with Video

As exams approach, all category twelfth students square measure possibly busy in preparations, however, have you ever studied for your sensible exams? an important a part of the CBSE final examinations, the thirty marks value sensible examination is commonly unnoticed and unheeded. does one understand all of your theorems, laws of motion and numerical, does one understand all the experiments and oral exam answers in your grade twelve syllabi? Here square measure some CBSE Class 12th Physics Practicals Tips with Video!!

Physics sensible syllabus:
Two experiments one from every section 8+8 Marks
Practical record (experiments & activities) half-dozen Marks
Project three Marks
Viva on experiments & project five Marks

SECTION A: Experiments

1. to search out resistance of a given wire victimisation meter bridge and therefore verify the
specific resistance of its material
2. to work out resistance per cm of a given wire by plotting a graph of potential difference
versus current.
3. To verify the laws of combination (series/parallel) of resistances employing a meter
4. to check the electromotive force of 2 given primary cells victimisation potentiometer.
5. to work out the interior resistance of given cell victimisation potentiometer.
6. to work out resistance of a meter by half-deflection methodology and to search out its
the figure of benefit.
7. To convert the given meter (of acknowledged resistance and figure of merit) into a
meter associate degreed meter of desired vary and to verify a similar.
8. to search out the frequency of the a.c. mains with a measuring device.

SECTION B: Experiments

1. to search out the worth of v for various values of u just in case of a saclike mirror and to
find the distance.
2. to search out the distance of a gibbous mirror, employing a lense.
3. to search out the distance of a lens by plotting graphs between u and v or
between 1/u and 1/v.
4. to search out the distance of a lens, employing a lense.
5. to work out an angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph
between an angle of incidence and angle of deviation.
6. to work out the index of refraction of a glass block employing a movement magnifier.
7. to search out the index of refraction of a liquid by victimisation (i) saclike mirror, (ii) lens and
plane mirror.
8. To draw the I-V graph of a contact in forwarding bias and reverse
9. To draw the graph of a more zen diode and to work out its reverse break
down voltage.
10. to review the characteristic of a typical – electrode NPN or PNP semiconductor device and to search out
out the values of current and voltage gains.

Tips to score high:

– Study the speculation behind the experiment totally
– Graphs square measure a crucial a part of Physics sensible exams, perceive and observe the graphs you’ll have to be compelled to understand for any given experiment
– Revise your sensible notes
– Visualize and draw rough diagrams for the experiments to organize
– every experiment relies on a principle of physics; it’s essential to understand that principle is employed in that experiment severally
– The principles and methodology is commonly asked throughout oral exam voice, therefore you ought to understand the fundamentals of the experiment
– throughout the experiment stay calm and document the complete procedure you follow
– If there’s associate degrees doubt or confusion concerning an experiment, clear your doubts together with your teacher
– necessary experiments also are on the market online in video format for fast revision

Watch this video to clear all doubts

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