Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?

Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?

We always have certain doubts in our mind about how to study, when to study, where to study and much more, I have written so much about these topics. you can search the blog for those articles. In this post, we will talk about “Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?”

I will also tell you about some scientific results about this topic. So, without wasting more time, let’s start the topic.

Most of us take care of what to study when to study and also how to study, but do you know that the study place can also affect the study result, your mind, and learning ability? 

The place can also sometimes psychologically change our mood which is certainly not desired while study right? I am mentioning some facts about study place below let’s have a look.

It is true that you can study anywhere you want when you have to study only by reading your subject. Just you should choose that place which has minimum disturbance and distraction for the effective use of your time. for example- You can study in the park, library or In the bus while traveling alone etc. 

Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?

However, Choosing a fixed place to study where you can find all of your study material, computer, pen pencil, or whatever is required for your study, near you is a great idea. Also, That place should have some qualities like:

  • Fresh air( proper ventilated)
  • And a normal temperature
  • A good lighting
  • Neet and clean/ Hygenic

According to a study, Our brain functions well between the temperature (23 to 26) degree Celsius. It is obvious that most of the students cannot create such environment at their home due to certain reasons, In that case, A library is the best place for them to study. If you belong to the village or some hilly region, then you can also study on some quite place outside your home cause the air, temperature, and lightning all other things are best for the study. just make sure that there should not be a disturbance.

You should know that we remember in this manner as:

10% of what we read 

20% of what we hear 

30% of what we see 

50% of what we see and hear 

70% of what we discuss with others 

80% of what we personally experience 

95% or what we teach others

So, In my case when I get tired of studying but have to study more, then I change my study style. I talk to myself and walk into the room talking to myself about the study as I am teaching someone. Exercise in between brakes and also keep water beside me. If you could also do that then it will be good for your study!

  • Group study: As we can remember 70% of what we discuss with our group and 95% when teach, so it is good to study in the group if the group is aware of the study and you have lots of time.
Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?

Keeping some snacks near you can also help you to study long. If you want to study in the group then you should study at the place where all of you are comfortable enough. You should have only those things near you which you need for the study only. It will be very good if you could remove other unuseful things from your study space.


You can always change the study place you want, just keep in mind that that place should have some qualities which we have discussed above. In fact, if you change your study place, then you will become location independent for study and can study anywhere.

What about studying with music?

Finding An Effective Study Location Where Should I Study?

There are some people who need music while they are studying. There are also some people who can not study when anything else enters head. 

You may think that listening to music increases your focus. But this is necessarily not true.

If you are making an assignment or solving some easy problem, then it might help you to study longer, However, you have to use your mind in Creative Writing, reading, or memorizing as well as solving complex problems then it will not help you. Definitely keeping a quite environment give a better result than having music in the background.

Note- If you are having your exams near, then changing you’re any habits is probably a bad idea as changing habits take time. But if it is not so, then You should always prefer a quiet place to study for better results.

Let me know if you have still some doubts about this topic. Share it if you find the information useful.

And finally, thanks for reading.

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