How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?

How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?


Train ticket reservation has become very simple these days because there are many good applications as well as websites which offer you this service. see some good websites and applications. you can check the availability of seats and then book the ticket in some steps. So Here we discuss “How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?“.

How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?

But when it comes to the booking of the tatkal ticket then nothing works! unfortunately, we take more time on filling the information and in those time the seats are got full and hence we have to go to the different travel agents for the ticket who charges almost double and sometimes in festivals they charge up to three times the cost of the ticket.

How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?

you can also go to the railway station before the start of the booking but same there, you have to stand in a Que for hours, and the seats will be full soon!

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But do not worry there are some tricks with which you can book your ticket at your home by your computer or smartphone.

Today I will tell you some useful tips by which you can book your tickets in very short time. so let’s see it.

  • Save your information in notepad: Most of the time wasted in feeding the name, address, and other details in the form. so sometimes before the booking, you can save your all required information into the notepad and just copy paste the information. It will save your almost 75% time.
  • Fill passengers details before the start of booking: You can log in to irctc website and fill the passenger’s details such as name, age etc in order to save your time.
  • Good internet connection: As we all know, the website irctc is very busy at the time of tatkal booking. So, to access the site quickly you should have at least 3G internet connection. Many people unnecessarily waste their time due to bad internet connections. 
  • Make booking parallelly by two user id: Getting tatkal confirmed ticket is a big task. So, if you need a ticket urgently then you must log in with two credentials and do the parallel booking for a better chance of getting the ticket.
  • Make payment through net banking: Bank detail is something which is very critical information and also it takes maximum time to fill the bank details. For convenience, you can register at irctc with your payment details. or just save your details into a notepad file and open it while booking the ticket. Or if you have an online banking then you should login to your bank website for any type of need if you have!
  • Book multiple tickets at one time: In case you have to book more than one ticket, then you can not do one by one. You can book up to four tickets at one time. It will save your time and work.
  • Close all other browser and tabs: While ticket booking, along with the Internet speed, it is also very necessary that your browser, as well as your computer, should run faster for the quick response.
  • Don’t refresh the page: While filling the information if it takes some time, then don’t refresh the page because if you refresh the page, all your filled information will be lost and you will have to lose some more time which is not allowable. So is better to wait for some seconds that time.
  • Open the website at least 5 minutes before the start of booking: Now what happens, in no time the tatkal booking is overdue to unavailability of seats. Normally it has been seen that all the seats are got full in 5 to 10 minutes in cities. So, be prepared and ready for the booking before sometimes.
  • Take care while entering the captcha: Now this is the most unexpected time loss while tatkal ticket booking because we are sometimes do not care about the caps lock and many more things while entering the captcha. Or we have a habit of entering the captcha very fastly. But here you should be more patience while filling the captcha because irctc is one of the busiest websites while tatkal booking and it will take some time to reload the captcha.

How to book Tatkal Ticket at Home?We hope that the above suggestion will help you to book your ticket online. If you are new to online booking then write us for any inquiries.

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