How to Score More Than 90% Marks in English Class 12th

How to Score More Than 90% Marks in English Class 12th

English is the scoring subject for those students who are fluent in English but a little bit hard for the students who face a problem with English since childhood. All the students who are facing the problem with English subject have to work hard to get success, for getting good marks in English requires a thorough knowledge of English Grammar concepts like tenses, vocabulary, and more.
Here, in this article, we would Disqus about “How to Score More Than 90% Marks in English Class 12th” with less knowledge and a little trick. So, let’s start with the syllabus and exam pattern let’s have a look.

Elective English Class 12th paper is of 100 Marks and is divided into 3 sections A, B, C. Section A(Reading Comprehension) is of 30 Marks, Section B(Writing) is of 30 Marks and Section C (Literature & Novel) is of 40 Marks.

Now, we are exploring each section in brief and try to understand how to score good marks in each and every section just follow these tips and tactics this will help you to improve your marks in English of Class 12th.

Section A – Reading & Comprehension – 30 Marks

There are two types of questions in this section first is Reading Comprehension Passage and second is Note Making. Reading comprehension passage has three types of questions very short answer, short answer, and MCQ type questions and Note-Making. Let’s first check how to get good marks in Comprehension Passage

Tips To Score Good Marks in Section A – Reading and Comprehension Passage

  • First of all, read first 3 4 lines of the passage and last 3 4 lines and try to understand those lines then move to questions and read all the questions fast and then again read the first question and find out the answers line wise.
  • Now after completing question answers move to synonym and antonym type questions For those students who don’t even know what is synonyms and antonyms please have a look Synonym are similar words and Antonyms are opposite words OK! Just Kidding!!! So in these types of Questions, it is very difficult for those students who are bad in vocabulary but I have a trick for you guys.

How to Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Comprehension Passage

First read the word carefully and try to understand the meaning but if you don’t know the meaning of the word try this!

  1. Read the word and go to the passage of that word and read the paragraph carefully now, read the line in which that word appears and in case of synonym try to fit the word in that sentence in which you think it gets fit and in antonym case try to find out the negative meaning in the paragraph and focus on the line in which you think that word will replace that antonym.

Tips To Score Good Marks in Section A – Note Making

As such Note-Making is not very much difficult for anyone but if anyone faces a problem with Note-Making follow these steps and try to understand it.

  • First of all, read the first 8 to 9 lines of the passage or if you don’t get the exact meaning of the passage read the whole passage.
  • Now try to find out the word which is repeating again and again. It will be your headline
  • Now find out the main keywords from the passage and try to make those keywords your main headings and subheadings and write 2 to 4 points in those headings.

Friends Please check my friend’s article who is in 12th standard having a brief knowledge of this. He wrote an awesome article on Scoring 100 Marks in English is not a Big Dream there you will find all the detailed information about Scoring 100 Marks in English is not that much hard.

Section B – Writing Skills 30 Marks

This section consists of Notices, advertisements, designing or drafting posters, letters etc. As such this section depends on your knowledge and how you express your thoughts for getting good marks you have some knowledge about that topic. But if you don’t have the knowledge I am going to tell you some tricks.

Tricks to Score good in Writing Sections

  • First of all, try to understand the topic but if you are not able to understand the topic just forget all the things write the heading as your heading
  • And after writing the headline read the suggestions given and write the first suggestion as your first main heading and write about 100 to 120 words on that heading include some basic things only and try to include the Headline 2 times in the paragraph.
  • Then leave a line and write your second subheading and write about 60 to 70 words in it that’s it. Only 70 80 words and change the paragraph and don’t make 3rd suggestion as your another heading use only 3 subheadings in the article
  • And in the last write Conclusion of about 70 words. In the conclusion, copy paste the main keywords of your article. In the end, your article becomes a complete 250 words article which impresses the examiners and you will definitely get good marks.

Section C – Literature & Novel 40 Marks

This section is the best section for those who don’t have good knowledge of English just learn all the chapters and write the answers accordingly which is very easy. But the main problem in this section is Novel questions many students don’t know the summary of the Novel and fails to answer the Novel questions. So, I suggest you read the only summary of the Novel which helps you to write at least 100 to 150 words answer which at least gives you half marks. As such, there is no tip for this section because you have to write the exact position of the novel but if you are facing a problem with the novel I suggest you follow my own tip.

  • Learn 10 to 20 questions of Novel before the exams.
  • Now how to write the answer for getting good marks 
  • Read the question first and think about the answer and make the answer in your mind but do fast.
  • Now write the learned related answers half extract of about 100 words.
  • Then leave a line and write another related answers 50 60 words and then.
  • Write your own thoughts of about 40 to 50 words only not write more than that.
  • And, in the end, write learned answers last part and complete the answer.
  • In this way, if you even don’t know the answer can write the answer easily.

That’s all thanks guys for reading this article hope you understand it and implement it in you. Keep supporting guys and keep sharing.

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