Things Which You Will Need In The Examination Hall

Things Which You Will Need In The Examination Hall


Things You Will Need In The Examination Hall

Guys, we all want to do better in our exam right? but many times due to some reasons we are not able to do that and forgetting to carry something is very common to students due to stress and tension of the exam. Here we would talk about all the “Things Which You Will Need In The Examination Hall“.

Well, there are certain ways by which you can keep things remember to carry for your exam like:

Things Which You Will Need In The Examination Hall
  • Keep important things in your bag before one hour of leaving for the exam.
  • Paste a page beside your mirror, all list of things written on that.
  • Set a reminder or alarm to pack those things before the exam.
  • Make a list of things to carry to the exam on your phone.
  • Tell your mother/ family member to remind you.

Guys, so now we have seen that how we can remember things to carry to the exam.

If you are preparing for the board exam or the university exams which are generally subjective, then you should always carry this thing for a better exam experience

  • Yours admit card/ hall ticket: Admit card or hall ticket are the most important things which give you entry to the exam hall. so you should consider it first.
  • A wristwatch: In the exam, we have to attempt the questions very wisely according to the time, in order to attempt all questions. Hence we should have a wristwatch to manage our time in the exam.It will help you to work smartly in the exam.
  • Geometry box: In subjective type exam, As you have to make diagrams, flow charts and other things using your geometry box for a better answer sheet representation you should carry geometry box also.
  • Extra pens: Pens can anytime be damaged due to various reason we do not know. so smart students always carry extra pens. so that you do not have to request other for pen and waste your time. Do not use gel pens in the exam
  • Colourful pens: If you are appearing for the subjective exam, then you should use at least two color pens (blue and black). I fit is mention not to use any particular color pens like blue then go with blue only. well, if you are going for an objective exam then colorful pens are not needed just you carry blue and black dot pens.
  • A water bottle: We always have less time in the exam and we have to drink water. We can’t always ask for going and drink water. So carry a water bottle with you. it will save your time and you will be able to drink water whenever you want. Also, you can add some flavor to it like glucose or something energetic if it is summer.
  • Your identity card: Always carry your college, school identity card with yourself for the verification purpose. You may fail to take the examination in the absence of your identity card.
  • Clipboard: If you are not comfortable with writing on the desk then you can carry a clipboard with yourself for convenience after all you have to write for almost three hours right?
  • Log table/ another data: If you are a science student then you must have understood what I am talking about right? sometimes we are not able to get the desired/ expected data from the exam hall. either it gets late or less in number. in that case, you can take permission and use your own carried data in these case.
  • A calculator if allowed: For higher studies like engineering and medical, it is generally allowed to carry the calculator(fx 100ms) but if you are appearing for the board exam or lower than that, then you are not needed the calculator in the exam as not allowed.

apart from this, there are certain things which you should avoid carrying during the exams because those are not allowed generally like: 

  • your mobile phone( switch it off and keep in the bag or somewhere else away from you).
  • your purse
  • extra paper, anything written on the paper is considered as U.F.M.

so, guys, we have tried to give you a short idea about what to carry to the exam for a better experience of the exam! please do not forget to give your valuable feedback to this post in the comment box. write in the comment box for any queries.

Good luck with your exam👍

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