Top 11 Cool Study Apps for your Smartphone Must Try!!

Top 11 Cool Study Apps for your Smartphone Must Try!!

Technology has now become an integral part of our life, Everyone is associated with technology. A businessman, a salesman, an engineer, a doctor and a student, no one can even live for one day without the technology. So today I am going to tell you some amazing use of technology which you can use in your STUDY. yes, you heard it well I said study. Here are the “Top 11 Cool Study Apps for your Smartphone Must Try!!“.


Top 11 Cool Study Apps for your Smartphone Must Try!!

Diary is the common application which is needed by every student. So you must have a dictionary on your phone. You can find many dictionaries on play store or at many places online. I personally use the hinkhoj dictionary.

  • A Scientific calculator

If you are pursuing engineering and you need a scientific calculator then you don’t need to spend money for that. you can get that on your phone for free. best scientific calculators.

  • A Reminder

you are intelligent but a student has to remember a number of tasks all day like assignments, notes, meeting or many things. If you would have a reminder then you will not miss any work.

  • A PDF reader

In almost every institution the assignment and notes are provided in soft copies.If you have a good pdf reader then you can easily manage them. My applications are present having combined features of pdf reader and unzipper and much more. You can also go for them.

  • Daily Current Affairs

If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you have to stay updated with current affairs. It is true that you can’t carry your books every time but you can keep your mobile with you every time. Just install an application for that. You can get it on google play.

Waking up in the morning is always a challenging task for me. But now I can easily every morning with the really loud alarm installed on my phone you can try too. You can choose among best alarm clock.

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Although we all have 24 hours a day, we all need a better time management for a good utilization of time which is very important for students. this type of application helps to manage time in a better way.

  • Wikipedia

This application is best and strongly recommended for students. Just search for anything and you will get the knowledge about anything. you can search for science, geography, business, or simply about anything.

  • A Scanner

This application can recognize the text and transform into the soft copy which can be edited, modified or made copies.

  • A Daily news application

Various applications are present which gives the necessary news and events in a single click. You should install one of these. It can help you to stay updated with the important daily news.

  • An online Quiz application

The best place to analyze your standard is the internet. you can be the part of the online quiz with free of cost through the application. these applications are easily available on play store.

All the above application can be installed from google play store for free.

Being more specific to applications, here is a video which can help you to get your answers.

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So please do not forget to comment how you like it. if you have any problem finding these apps please tell by commenting I will help you as soon as possible.

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